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'Daydreaming with Stanley Kubrick' - Somerset House , 2016

Curated by James Lavelle & James Putnam
Somerset House, Strand, London WC2R 1LA
July 6- August 24th, 2016

Exhibition featuring contemporary artists, film makers and musicians showcasing works inspired by Stanley Kubrick

Contributors include:

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin / Carl Craig / Charlotte Colbert / Chris Levine / Christiane Kubrick / David Nicholson / Dexter Navy / Doug Foster / Doug Aitken / Futura / Gavin Turk / Harland Miller / Haroon Mirza & Anish Kapoor / Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard / Invader / Jamie Shovlin / Jane & Louise Wilson / Jason Shulman / Jocelyn Pook / John Isaacs & James Lavelle with Azzi Glasser / Jonas Burgert / Joseph Kosuth / Julian Rosefeldt / Keaton Henson / Koen Vanmechelen / Marc Quinn / Mark Karasick / Mat Chivers / Mat Collishaw / Max Richter / Michael Nyman / Michele Lamy / Mick Jones / Nancy Fouts / Nathan Coley / Norbert Schoerner / Paul Fryer / Paul Insect / Peter Kennard / Philip Castle / Philip Shepherd / Pink Twins / Polly Morgan / Rachel Howard / Rut Blees Luxemburg / Samantha Morton & Douglas Hart / Sarah Lucas/ Seamus Farrell / Stuart Haygarth / Thomas Bangalter / Toby Dye / Warren du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones

Participating artists were invited to respond to a film, scene, character or theme from the Kubrick archives, shining new perspectives onto the cinematic master’s lifework. Pioneering conceptual artist Joseph Kosuth created an installation of text from Kubrick's films based on the language of Kubrick's work, while Britain's foremost political artist Peter Kennard juxtaposed images of characters set in the War Room of Dr Strangelove with present day leaders of nuclear states, in a statement about the renewal of Trident. Inspired by the Stargate sequence in 2001: A Space Odyssey, film maker Doug Foster invited visitors to experience an endless, widescreen tunnel and referencing the same film, Mat Collishaw made spaceman’s helmet featuring otherworldly sights and sounds. Doug Aitken's ‘Twilight’, is a public pay phone bathed in a luminous glow, which will be reminiscent of the Dr Strangelove scene where Mandrake attempts to make a collect call to the President of the United States. Sarah Lucas exhibited ‘Priapus’, a phallic sculpture suggestive of the iconic murder weapon in A Clockwork Orange.

The exhibition was supported by artist Christiane Kubrick, the director’s wife of 41 years, who exhibitef a painting and Jan Harlan, Kubrick’s Executive Producer for 28 years.  It was additionally endorsed by Warner Bros. Pictures, who collaborated with Kubrick on all his films since 1971.

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Mat Collishaw

Peter Kennard

Doug Foster

Paul Fryer

Joseph Kosuth

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