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'Force of Nature' - Group Exhibition

Curated by James Putnam
Valérie Bach Gallery,Brussels
March 12th - May 21, 2016

Group exhibition of artists inspired by nature

Participating art:Maddalena Ambrosio, Mat Chivers, Susan Derges, Andy Goldsworthy,Alexandre Joly. Michael Joo, Emil Westman Hertz, Antii Laitinen, Richard Long, Alastair Mackie, Kate MccGwire, Lucy Orta, Peter Randall-Page, Seungmo Park, Koen Van Mechelen, Douglas White,Yuken Teruya


Artists inspired by nature and its processes - evolution, birth, growth, aging, decay, change. Nature is constantly in a state of change and the artists’ acute awareness and sensitivity to this change is crucial to the creation of their work that can be site-specific, monumental or ephemeral. Working in a diverse range of media and sometimes with a wide range of natural materials, they are continually searching and synthesizing creative, new ways to redefine our relationship with nature. Their work can be evocative, provocative or sublime, and might also communicate an urgent environmental message. Some of the participating artists collaborated with natural materials ranging from the raw, the found, to the discarded rather than making works ‘about’ nature. Others make work that is conceptual, so that the ideas behind the work are more important than the materials. Movement, change, light, growth and decay are fundamental to nature, the energies that artists strive to capture in their work. The artist’s observation and understanding of nature has as its goal the understanding of human nature, and of the human condition within nature.


Galerie Valérie Bach

Rue Faider 6

1060 Brussels, Belgium






'Untitled'- Maddalena Ambrosio, 2013-15

'Black Palm Maquette' -Douglas White - (found tyre fragments) 2016


'Minding My Own Business (NY Times, May 31, 2013)'- Yuken Teruya, 2013

'Tussle' - '-Kate MccGwire- Mixed media, pheasant feathers.,2016

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