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Neil Cummings/Marysia Lewandowska - 'Browse', 1997.

Work produced as part of the multi-site exhibition 'Collected', curated by artist Neil Cummings for The Photagrapher's Gallery, London.

This leaflet was available from dispensers in both the British Museum and Selfridge's department store, Cummings and Lewandowska invited the public to view precious historical artifacts in the same light as seductive consumer products and vice-versa. Most significantly it examined the link between commerce and culture and comparative display strategies.

Selected images: 'Browse', 1997 - A work in the form of a leaflet by Neil Cummings and Marysia Lewandowska.

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'Browse', 1997 (view of front).
'Browse', 1997 (view of reverse).

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